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Broken API!

DOH! Looks like Chrome audio API has changed and broken the music player in my¬†HTML5 screen conversions. I’ll try to sort it out at the weekend….


Modern Day Developer has a go at Atari ST programming

Well, Line-A calls are a bit of a l4m3r move, direct screen access is the Rite Of Passage, but it is their first program, so I can forgive ūüėÄ




Back when game reviews critiqued the code…

In this awesome old Your Spectrum review of the game Ghostbusters the reviewer hacks his way past the copy protection and has a look at the underlying code.

“Once in, I did my usual run through the game and found that, although it’s generally well-written, there are tell-tale signs that the package was thrown together in a hurry.”




Strangely Calming

Just been noodling about learning Blender and Unity.



And relax…..




Emergency update to WordPress has smashed the templates. I’ll have to look into it when I get home.. The Header is gone, it seems to be gone in the un-customised version of the template too. What gives?….

EDIT: Fixed thanks to this post.



An old friend comes to visit

X_k=\sum_{n=0}^{N-1}{x_n}{e}^{-\i 2 \pi k \frac {n}{N} }\;\;\;\;k=0,...,N-1

(I wouldn't normally mention it, but I heard WordPress can render equations now and I thought I'd see if it's true; it is)

Naffing about again!

Decided to have a crack at porting another of the old screens to HTML5 + Javascript, and thus I present The Naff Demo HTML5! This was a bit trickier than the last one as I had to rip almost all the data, an undertaking for which I had to make a sort of “ripper” program of my own since there doesn’t seem to be anything decent on Mac. Annoying, but it all turned out all-right in the end…

Naf Naf Naff!

Blast from the past sucked into the present…

…by the power of HTML5 Canvas & Javascript. So I succumbed and coded my first retro-remake. The Insignificant Demo is recreated! If you compare it to the original you should find it to be almost identical, unsurprising since I had access to the the original code, though not the source assets; that part did involve some faffing about. Still being quite new to this lark I’m sure the code is rather shonky, but I’m pleased with the result, and even considering having another go… ( Note. The audio playback works in Chrome & Safari only. For now at least… )

Insignificant Web Action!


Procoding on Mac


Here’s one of the little projects¬†I’ve been working on in order to learn some Javascript skills. Still needs work, but overall working reasonably well ( I have it running as a screensaver using the¬†Websaver OS X app and that’s actually very cool ). I’d like to give a little shout-out to the really neat little¬†Procoding app, which is available for, and I used on both iPhone and Mac. It’s designed for making simple little “sketches” and it works not bad at all. Almost all of this sketch was made in it, some of it on a bus! I did however have to switch to something with a proper editor when I needed to make extensive refactorings, the embedded editor is not up to heavy duty editing.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 00.39.16

Old sceners never die, they just learn Javascript & HTML Canvas!

I ran across the new oldschool browser based scene a few weeks back, and there’s some pretty nice stuff out there. The main thrust of this is to be found at the We Are Back web site. The most recent notable being a conversion of the classic Whattaheck demo. I might have a go myself, though I’ve only just started picking up javascript again, last time I tinkered with it was > 10 years ago, and things have changed a bit!